Top 5 Best Yard Waste Bags of June 2019

TOP 5#The Home Depot 49022-10PK Heavy Duty Brown Paper Lawn and

Size:Pack of 10

Maintaining your home is a year-round ordeal. As long as there is waste around your lawn or patio in the summer, fall, winter, or springtime, you’ll need waste bags. These Home Depot waste bags do the job right. Compact when not in use, just open these two-ply paper bags up all the way and they can stand by themselves for as long as the job goes on. They hold up to 30 gallons of waste, so with this 10 pack you have 300 gallons to work with. These bags are biodegradable, too, so they can decompose along with your compost. Wet refuse, dry refuse, this bag can take just about all of it. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Home Depot does it right.
As several people have mentioned in the reviews, this is a total of ten count of bags. At the store, five bags cost less than two dollars. The bags are great, the price is an absolute mugging. Find your local hardware store - most kinds carry these same types of bags for roughly the same cost - and ...

TOP 4#Amazon Brand - Solimo Lawn & Leaf Drawstring Trash Bags

Includes 40 lawn & leaf garbage bags

Each bag holds 39 gallons

Black trash bag with red drawstring for easy tying and carrying
I bought these, used two, and put them up on a shelf for good. The slightly larger B0071LLZJQ bag is just about the same price and it seems to be much thicker. The "identical" B00DH4IWII bag is two thirds the price and is just as good. Amazon basics items are usually very good, but these, being rela...

TOP 3#Bagster 3CUYD Dumpster in a Bag

Before you plan your next remodel or cleanup, plan to pick up the Bagster bag – made to hold up to 3,300 lb of debris!

Don't waste your money! Firstly, let me state that the bag was loaded per the instructions. Waste Management was able to move the bag from the fill location further up my driveway, down to the center of my driveway (where it blocks ingress and egress) where it apparently gave way. Waste Management d...

TOP 2#Hefty Strong Lawn & Leaf Large Garbage Bags - 39

When you've got a clean up or storage job that demands heavy duty performance, you can count on Hefty Strong Multipurpose trash bags.

These versatile, durable bags can help you tackle everyday kitchen waste, post-party clean-up, store seasonal items, collect donations, or clean up your basement, garage or yard. Hefty Multipurpose bags are available scent-free, or with a refreshing White Pine scent and patented Odor Block Technology. Get Hefty for toughness you can trust.
I don’t write many reviews, but had to for this one. I figured I had the runt of the litter, but after reading these reviews, it’s pretty obvious that there is a defect going on during production. One side of the draw string works, and the other side is glued, or melted to the bag, rendering the...

TOP 1#Hefty Ultra Strong Blackout Kitchen Trash Bags - Clean Burst

Hefty guarantees 100% satisfaction. If you are disappointed with our trash bags for any reason, simply return them for a full refund.*
I have used this brand of bags for awhile, but this most recent box I purchased through Amazon is of exceptionally poor quality. Liquid seeps slowly out of the bottom of the bags, even though they have no visible holes. I am about halfway through a box of 80ct bags, and have had this issue with near...

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